John Grant

John Grant

John Grant – Agronomist, Ste. Rose

John completed his Ag studies in South Africa in 1987 and joined Ciba Geigy for several years in the retail sector. In 1992, John moved to the newly formed FARMERS AGRI-CARE (PTY) Ltd. as a shareholder for a period spanning 30 years. We prided ourselves in the fact that we offered unbiased technical advice to our framers, and “sharing the benefits of knowledge’’ was our mantra in the early years.

John joined his family in Canada in 2021 and started a small farming operation just west of Ste Rose. Upon meeting Miles and Karen, John saw an opportunity to continue interacting with farmers on the same basis as the South African model: unbiased professional service, culminating in sharing the benefits of knowledge to 360 Ag clients.

When not in the fields John enjoys fishing. He says, “ice fishing is going to have to get a whole lot better before it beats tigerfishing in the Zambezi River.”

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