Manure Management

Manure Management


The purpose of a Manure Management plan (MMP) is to establish an appropriate manure application rate. Manure management plans should ensure crop nutrient requirements are met in an agronomically and environmentally sustainable manner. The application rates should be based on the manure nutrient content, soil nutrient levels, soil characteristics, crop nutrient requirements, timing and method of application. 360º Ag Consulting has qualified Manure Management agronomists on staff to assist livestock producers with their MMP.

Benefits of a MMP:

  • Improves farm profitability by establishing sound fertilizer application rates and efficient use of manure nutrients.
  • Minimizes environmental risks of nutrient losses such as nitrate leaching.
  • Crop nutrient requirements are met while minimizing excess nutrients.
  • Provides a written record which can be reviewed on a regular basis to improve farm productivity and environmental sustainability. Detailed records allow operators to analyze the performance of the manure management plan and make informed decisions to adjust the plan if needed.
  • Shows due diligence on the operators behalf if an environmental problem does arise.
  • Improves relationships with neighbors and concerned public

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