Field Scouting Program

Field Scouting Program

Why Scout?

Herbicide costs are a large part of crop production input costs each year. Today’s canola producers may apply a
pre-emergent herbicide followed by one, to as many as three, post-emergent herbicide applications.

Knowing what is happening in your fields and what your options are in dealing with those issues in a timely fashion can sometimes be overwhelming. When seasons start to overlap it is difficult to be in many places at once. 360° AG CONSULTING has an experienced team of agronomists committed to working with you. From pre-seed to post harvest, 360° AG CONSULTING ensures that you have a tailor fit pesticide plan for your farm.

Points to Consider

360° AG CONSULTING is an unbiased source of agronomic information. We work with all herbicide companies to come up with the best products for your operation. 360° AG CONSULTING does not sell any products so that you are guaranteed impartial recommendations. This in turn gives you the flexibility to deal with any supplier.

Pre-Seed Burnoff

One of the most important applications of herbicide can sometimes occur before your crop is even seeded. Weeds that are present while seeding can decrease crop competition and significantly lower yields. 360° AG CONSULTING will consider the type of weeds, timing, and future crop plans to ensure the proper rate of glyphosate, as well as any additional products that may be used. This will ensure that your crop gets off to the strongest possible start.

In Crop Herbicide & Efficacy

When it comes to choosing your in crop herbicides there are many factors to take into consideration. Economic threshold, weeds present, herbicide rotation, future cropping plans, weed populations and crop/weed staging to name a few. A spray plan is made for you and the fields will be checked post application for efficacy. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, your agronomist will handle the product inquiry and have a plan to re-spray before the weeds are too large to control, preventing yield loss, and future weed outbreaks.


Applying your fungicide in the proper timing window is vital to ensuring a return on your investment. No matter when your crop is ready, 360° AG CONSULTING will be there to ensure that your timing is perfect, every day of the week.


Scouting for Insects in weekly checks is an important tool for assessing insect damage and the necessity of using insecticides. Proactive use of sweep nets, insect counts, and crop damage are monitored. If insect numbers are at or above thresholds and it is economical to spray then we will recommend the best product and proper timing. This ensures that when a pesticide is recommended, it is an educated decision, with all the pros and cons of using that insecticide, taken into consideration.

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