We have been working with 360° for eight years.  The services and information are essential to our farm.

We do not have the time or expertise to do the crop scouting ourselves.  We know that 360° is checking our fields for weeds and diseases and will inform us of the right chemical to use, at the right time.

We run a 2000 head feedlot which means there is a lot of manure to spread.  By soil testing and variable rating the nitrogen there is no crop lodging and a more even stand.

Not only are there higher yields, but there is also a saving on fertilizer that the crop does not require.

Last but not least are the environmental issues.  To ensure the right to farm we will need help from people like 360° to help us deal with the rules and regulations enforced by government.

The cost of 360° Ag Consulting’s services is offset by cleaner fields, higher yields, and a savings on fertilizer.

Dale Swanton, Circle S Feeders, Dauphin, MB



When my farm implemented a variable rate fertility program with 360° Ag Consulting, I was uncertain it was going to pay for itself. But now, I know I am putting fertilizer where it is needed not over applying where it is not needed.  The environmental aspect of proving where you are putting your fertilizer is coming and this is one way of providing proof.

I am a one man operation and do not have time to manage everything. I rely on 360° staff to ensure my field management is thoroughly done, they are an extension on my farm – my hired man.

Having an agronomist keep an eye on my crops through the growing season allows me to go away with my family in summer if time allows.  I can enjoy that time without having to worry about what is going on at home.

Andre Luke, Deerland Farms, Ste. Rose, MB



The technology required to run our variable rate system overwhelmed us when we first started.  Heading to the field for the first time had me wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. 360° Ag Consulting was there and made sure things were going smoothly.   The biggest result we have seen is the ability to push our wheat yields without major fear of lodging. Zone mapping also allows us to know our fields better. I would recommend 360 Ag Consulting variable rate services because the program depends entirely on who is doing the work for you.  As a producer, you should know who is doing your soil testing and making the maps.  Because you are variable rating doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing the right thing, you need to know and trust the person doing the work.

360° Ag Consulting scouting services offer a reassuring second opinion that we are making the right decisions.  They bring extra industry insights beyond just recommendations. They offer experience from what they have learned by working with other producers and agronomists.

360° Ag Consulting offers a more personalized relationship.  I feel that I can call on anyone anytime within the organization.  Without the personalized relationship all we would have is a bunch of numbers.

Tim & Todd Friesen, Durban, MB



When I first decided on a variable rate fertility plan I didn’t believe our land had enough variability to justify the program.  I felt that it would be a good practice in learning about our fertility management and if we were applying proper rates to increase yields and maintain our soil health. After seeing the zone maps and the soil tests results I was anxious to find ways to put the fertilizer where it was needed. The tech support in getting the equipment ready has been exceptional. Since implementing the program almost a decade ago, our most impressive result is the evenness of the plant growth.

We believe that 360º Ag Consulting is different from their competition because of the integrity and trust of the people in the field.  We know that agronomists are out doing the soil sampling and the data we receive is as raw as we can get.  The system will only work when you can know and trust everyone in the process.  My concern with the over commercialization of data is that it won’t be true data and will affect the integrity of a system that has a lot of potential.

We also have 360º Ag Consulting do comprehensive field scouting on our farm.  I like the extensive coverage and service.  We have had past wheat midge infestations and fields were checked many times to ensure that a proper spraying recommendation was made.  We have found that we have cleaned up our fields and have solid wheat grades in terms of fusarium control.  We also appreciate that 360 is completely independent of anyone selling product with gives us unbiased advice and purchasing freedom.

I recommend 360 Ag Consulting all the time.  Their integrity is proven, service timely, and they know their stuff!

Art Gagnon,  Arthur Gagnon Farms, Ste Amelie, MB