“Mine”ding your Phosphorus

03 Apr 2017, Posted by Kevin Thompson in General

So we asked Kevin to do up a blog for the website.  He decided after pouring over soil tests all winter that this was a recurring theme.  Yes TJ did the same topic a couple of years ago when we were on a blog roll....

Don’t Lose Your Nitrogen

07 Feb 2017, Posted by TJ Warkentin in General

The fall of 2016 was one that will remain in our minds for a long time. The rains persisted, delaying harvest till late fall (or early winter) in many geographies.  Getting the crop off seemed like a never-ending battle for many producers.  For the most...

Soybean Fertility

06 May 2015, Posted by TJ Warkentin in General

There is a theory out there that you don’t have to fertilize soybeans.  This is somewhat true as you can put the seed in the ground with some inoculant (liquid, granular, double; that is another blog for another time) and come away with decent yields. ...

Are you seeding for optimal yield?

25 Mar 2015, Posted by Bob Potter in General

Using thousand kernel weight and seed bed utilization can help producers determine proper plant stands prior to seeding the crop.  The 1000 kernel weight calculation is as follows.  (Desired Plant Population/ft2 * 1,000 kernel weight) / (% Expected Seed Survival * 10) = Seeding Rate (lbs/acre) Wheat...

Bob’s Winter Project

04 Mar 2015, Posted by Bob Potter in General

I spent some time this winter scanning old pictures and came across this one.  I thought it was an interesting picture and wanted to share it.  It was taken in 1937 in the Springhill district in Manitoba.  This was the first four wheel drive tractor...


04 Mar 2015, Posted by Bob Potter in Soil Testing

A number of products are currently on the market that cite they are increasing yields by providing micronutrients to crops. As government agencies no longer test the efficacy of the products or validate these claims I felt it was fitting to discuss the importance of...

Manure Management

31 Jan 2015, Posted by TJ Warkentin in Manure Management

It is late fall, harvest is complete and fall work is nearly done.  It is time to haul manure and get ready for your cattle herd to come home.  Where are you putting that manure?  On the same, most convenient field where manure has been...

The Importance of Soil Testing

10 Sep 2014, Posted by Karen Fatteicher in Soil Testing

The largest cause for hesitation we receive from prospective clients is that they are uncertain whether they want to add another expense to their operation.  This is especially the case after some areas have had multiple challenging years with weather conditions and moisture preventing them...